Foster Learning . November 21, 2021

5 Ways You Can Earn More Followers on Instagram Organically

We all have at least once said this while surfing on Instagram, “How come he/she has more followers than I do.” Well, there are quite some factors involved that are affecting your reach, your following and the way your audience interacts with you. There are multiple ways with which you can increase these factors for good. Some of these ways are paid and some of these ways are for free. However, let me tell you one thing, these free ways require a lot of consistency and smart work. So, if you're ready to put up some smart work, come along to get to know what these freeways are.

Posting on the Right Time

All the famous brands have always emphasized on “knowing Thy audience.” This means, you know what are the factors and variables that your audience keeps in mind while surfing for a particular product or service. Well one of the biggest factors when it comes to increasing Instagram following is posting the right content at the right time. And the right content and right time differs with every niche. Now, you may ask, what is the right time and what is the right content? Here is the answer at the right time.

Well in the above illustration there are some of the most rush hours on Instagram, but it is not necessary that your niche is also following in the same category as above. You would have to do your homework so that you know the exact time bracket when your audience is hyperactive. This will help your post to reach out to the targeted audience and that will eventually increase the following ratio given that you have posted the right content. 

Content Type

Here is the answer to “what is the right content?” The type of content that you are uploading on Instagram matters a lot because the audience wants to see different and interesting things. With just pictures, things might get a bit boring so to make it less boring and more interesting you need to add up spices through interactive stories and live videos. 

On Instagram people are more interested in viewing things rather than reading things so because of that, videos have Loads of influence on the viewership. As a brand you want to take advantage of this influence by uploading intriguing videos. Stories have another major influence on the audience because they're short, hence to the point. You need to make sure that you take full advantage of this small time span and make your message as effective as possible. 


Let's just say that you have posted the right content at the right time. Have you ever wondered how Instagram knows who your targeted audience is when it comes to reaching out to those people who are not following you? Well, the answer is through hashtags. So basically, hashtags define the interest of people, type of people and the content type that you have uploaded on Instagram. If this is done in the right manner, then reaching out to people becomes an easier part of the job. So, as you are reaching out more to your targeted audience then there are high chances that your following ration will increase. 

To find the right hashtags you need to see how many people are engaged with the hashtag when uploading. You can take help from your potential competitors as they are also uploading certain hashtags for the niche that you want to target, you can just short list them and use them for your posts. So, happy hash tagging.

Optimizing Your Page with New Followers

You must have noticed that successful bands have always tried to change themselves according to the demand of their audience. This makes perfect sense because whatever you're trying to make, is eventually being bought or consumed by the targeted audience so why not just offer whatever they feel right. Well, same is the case with Instagram, you need to continuously change yourself and the content that you're posting according to the demand of the new niche that has started following you. As you are getting more and more followers, there might be times when the audience wants to see something different and as a brand it is your responsibility to change yourself according to the demand of the consumers. In case you don't change and someone else does, then your audience is going to shift from your side to theirs and believe me as a brand you don't want that.

Starting Up a Trend or Engaging Yourself in a Conversation

People of 2021 are really interested in hearing stories about their interests. To hear these stories, they interact on various forums so that they can meet people who are having similar interests as they have. Let's make your forum the one where they interact the most. How come you can do that? Well, it's easy, make sure to engage with your followers in the comment section to help them feel as if they are at the right place where they can discuss a certain product, service or matter with you or other people who have similar interests. This engagement will put you up higher also in consumer perspective and from the perspective with which Instagram ranks you for a certain niche.

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