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Esha Khan




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Course Requirements

Beginner’s Level.

For someone with little to no knowledge of Financial markets.

Course Description

This course revolves around the complete guide related to the major aspects of Financial markets. Through this course, students will be able to understand the major concepts and trade level to level: A Cryptocurrency Trading Course which is designed to turn an individual into a profitable crypto trader in a short period of time and provide with all the proven strategies by teaching students how to mark major key levels i.e, support and resistance. This course will help you to understand when to buy & when to sell.

In this course, you’ll learn:

1. Basic Terminologies
2. How to buy cryptocurrency & 4 Options of Spot trading in trading exchange i.e, Binance.
3. Introduction to candlesticks.
4. Types of candlesticks.
5. Introduction to P2P.
6. How to buy through P2P.
7. How to sell through P2P.
8. Introduction to Technical analysis.
9. Large & Small market cap projects.
10. What are Bitcoin & ALTs coins?
11. What is Blockchain?
12. What is CryptoCurrency?
13. Concept of Support & Resistance.
14. How to identify and mark major key levels, i.e, Support & Resistance.

Course Requirments:

Beginner’s Level.

For someone with little to no knowledge of Financial markets.

Course Outcomes:

This course is a complete trading guide for a beginner. Upon completion of this course, students will have a basic understanding about the concept of blockchain and cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, ALTs coin, etc along with the concept of market caps explained with examples. They will be able to understand and identify candle sticks, type of candlesticks, basic support and resistance on charts. Students will be able to understand and access P2p market place and Spot trading with it’s four options. Once they’re familiar with the concepts of support & resistance, they’ll be able to mark major key levels on the chart and do level to level trading. This course will help the beginner with the understanding of major concepts related to Financial markets and Crypto trading

Course Curriculum

1 What is Blockchain?
Preview 10 min
1 What is Cryptocurrency
Preview 1 min 30 sec
1 What is Bitcoin
Preview 1 min 20 sec
1 Large and Small caps Project
Preview 4 min
1 Basic Terminologies
Preview 9 min 24 sec
1 How to buy cryptocurrency
Preview 14 mins
1 Introduction to P2P
Preview 5 min 28 sec
Preview 58 secs
1 Introduction to Candlesticks
Preview 19 min 34 sec
1 What is Support and Resistance
Preview 4 min 45 sec


Esha Khan

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Esha Khan is a businesswoman, an experienced financial markets expert, Founder & CEO of The Crypto Kingdom. The vision of Esha Khan is to impart everyone with the basic to advance understanding of the Crypto world and financial markets while creating awareness regarding cryptocurrency. Esha Khan has collaborated with FLP in enabling financial markets as a source of sound income for the youth of Pakistan. 

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