Foster Flagship Training Program

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Flagship is 2 months of rigorous blend of practical and leadership and entrepreneurship training program for youth, for their personal and professional capacity building. You can participate in Foster Flagship training program, at selected university campus(es) in your city, or you can also opt for Online Flagship.

Flagship Modules:

  1. Leadership (Teamwork, Communication, Critical thinking, Problem solving)
  2. Growth Mindset (Positivity, #YouVsYou, Lifelong learning, Personal evaluation)
  3. Professional Development (E-Learning certifications, Microsoft Office, Freelancing)
  4. Key Job Skills (Resume, Video Resume, Cover Letter, Recommendation letter, Jobs)
  5. Entrepreneurship (Starting your own business, Ideas, Marketing, Business model)
  6. Personality Development (Confidence building, Public speaking, Blog writing)
  7. Business English (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking English)

Outdoor Challenges:

  • Tree Plantation
  • Clothes Collection
  • 500 Bucks Business Project
  • CEO Outreach
  • Government School Kids Career Workshop

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Youth (Age: 18-27)
  • Students of all the disciplines can apply
  • Undergraduate, Graduates, and Masters Students
  • Pakistani citizen
  • Self-committed, eager to learn and bring change

Program Duration: 2 months (16 sessions)

Learning Method:

  • Activity based
  • Blogs, videos, articles, and interactive discussions
  • Fun from Home (Engaging projects)
  • Industrial exposure
  • Outdoor Challenges

How to Apply:  Click here

Mindset and Personal Evaluation

Growth mindset
Knowing yourself
Getting started with blogging


Problem solving
Tree plantation

Key Employability Skills

Resume, Cover letter, Letter of
Recommendation, Video resume
Job search
CEO outreach

Professional Development

Microsoft office
Study abroad
Cloth bank

Inspiration & Career Counseling

Emotional intelligence
Guest speaker
Outdoor learning trip


Introduction to freelancing
Starting work
Kids career workshop
Introduction to entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurial road map
500 bucks challenge


Entrepreneurial boot camp
Final presentation
Here are the eligibility criteria of the scholarships (Zakat based) available for the Flagship: - Monthly income of the family - No. of family members earning - Total household - Electricity and telephone bills - We will also have a detailed interview, and the fellow will be awarded with the scholarship in the program cost on the basis of their need.
Flagship is a 2 months, leadership and entrepreneurship practical and activity based training program, that happens for 2 days per week at a university in your city or you can also take sessions online.
There are 7 modules being offered in Flagship: - Growth mindset - Leadership - Key job skills - Professional Development - Business English - Emotional Intelligence - Entrepreneurship
A fellows (student) will meet the instructor twice per week for 3 hours session per day, and also the instructors will also be available online in the community to help and support throughout the 2 months.
The training content i.e. videos, projects, and timelines are available on the portal and community timeline for each fellow, either taking training at the university campus or online.
The complete Flagship is designed as 2 months of super engagement and interaction in an activity based learning environment. Moreover there are practical projects involved to ensure the transformation and personal grooming. Also no fellow will be awarded certificate without the completion of all the projects.
The content of training is available in the Foster Community at to all the registered fellows and alumni for Flagship.
The complete 2 months Flagship is is available in only PKR. 5000/-, for both on campus and online training. Also need based, generous scholarships are also available.
We do not take more than 50 fellows per batch.
The Flagship training is being offered in 18 cities across Pakistan. You can chose your city, and respective venue in the online application form. You can also take sessions online in case you have difficulty in attending sessions at university campus (es) in your city.
Go to the website at sign up to register at Foster Community. Select the Apply Now button and fill up the form and select Online Flagship, in your location. You will have an interview scheduled, and if selected you will be provided all the information via email and also on online portal regarding next steps and how to submit your fees.
There is an online form available on website, under “APPLY NOW”. Please fill up the form carefully and answer all the questions following all the given all the instructions.
University students of age 18-27, across Pakistan are eligible to apply for both on campus training as well as Online Flagship.
- Flexible timings - Learn from anywhere in the world and no need to travel - Exclusive access and perks to be a part of Foster community - Jobs & Internships (Placements)
Online Flagship and in person training are different as: - Online training is not time bound - It can be taken from anywhere across Pakistan (all you need is an internet connection and a laptop or computer device) - You can always reach out to your trainer (instructor) anytime


Application Open: February 10th,2020

Last Date to Apply: March 15th,2020

4.1 out of 5
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