About Foster Learning

A community based
skills learning

Aspiring entrepreneurial leadership. We aim to empower economically & socially empower youth by enabling them as an EdTech community, to compete with existing job market & to start their own
We are an online edtech community & platform that offers A to Z skills based online courses for you.

Story Behind Foster Learning

Foster is not an entrepreneurial venture rather it is the purpose of life for us. We witnessed inequality and wastage of young talent/resources in society and collective ignorance of our community towards that. It became the trigger point for Foster and started with nothing, AH, its been an incredible journey of learning with so many examples of live transformation and young legends.

Foster Learning is a blended learning Ed-tech platform, promoting entrepreneurship and skills-based training to improve employability. We achieve this by digitizing education, partnered with recognized. Public sector higher education institutions across Punjab/KPK, Pakistan Engineering Council, and Internationally certified training bodies.