5 Reasons Why Pakistan Educational System Fails to Deliver

So, one of the earliest pieces of writings that architects were able to find was traced back to Sumerians, and that piece of writing was a sort of accounting of the food reserve that they had harvested in that season. So, this shows that education has been a vital part ever since 3000 thousand BC and even before, but it has changed the way it is impacting the students who are learning it. At times it taught how to cook, at times it taught how to preserve the culture. The 21st century educational system has changed the definition quite a lot from what it was back in 3000 BC. In some regions like Finland, Norway this change is for good but unfortunately this change has proven to be of less benefit for the students of Pakistan. So here are some of the gaps that Pakistan’s educational system can look upon to improve its quality.

Less Opportunities When It Comes to Subject Selection

The Flaws in our Education System – The Dart

The fact is that this above picture worth’s 1000 words and it’s totally applicable to the dynamics that are being offered by Pakistan’s educational system. With such a low subject selection as computer, medical and commerce our educational system is putting a limit to what students of Pakistan can achieve. For sure there will be students who would be interested in subjects other than these and they would perform a lot better if they are given the opportunity to work on them. Unfortunately, due to the lack of interest and resources students have to go through the same examination that is meant for the masses even if they are interested in those subjects or not and this leads to nothing of as such benefits however it does lead to something negative and that is affected mental health of the students which is my next gap for Pakistan’s educational system.

Ignorance of Mental Health of the Students:

How to Prepare for the Coming Flood of Student Mental-Health Needs

In 2022, the world is focusing more on how positive or negative reinforcement can help the subjects in achieving their goals but unfortunately that is not the case in Pakistan. Professors from the Pakistan educational system still believe that by torturing the student physically, they can get the results out of them. To be honest, this does not help at all in fact it is making the situation worse as more and more students are dropping out of schools for this very reason. 

If a student is not able to deliver then he/she is considered to be the only reason while chances are that the student might be suffering from depression, anxiety or any other mental health issue that is making him/her suffer a lot more than anyone else can expect. The Pakistan educational system needs to look inside the student to make sure that the outside being is performing well and that too soon or else the gap between the success and knowledge will increase.

Ability to Coop up with Failures.

8 Effective Ways I've Coped With Failure in My Life | Inc.com

Failure was never supposed to be a curse word in fact it was the best of professors as it taught what was wrong and how it can be improved but somehow the way Pakistan educational system has perceived failure and not just perceived but has delivered it to the students, it feels like as if failing is the worst of deeds and the one who fails should be ashamed of him/herself.

The way our educational system perceives failures is totally wrong because not every student can be at the top three positions and that is a fact but according to our system those students who are not at the top are going to be considered as failures. Okay, let us just say that that is the case, then does our educational system only work for the top 3 positions and what about the rest? Should we accept that they are the product of the system of catastrophe. Let me sum this up, not everyone can be at the top and Pakistan’s educational system needs to comprehend this and teach the student body that it is fine to not be at the top but to deliver the best is all that it asks for.

Research works.

UGC Project Submission Date: UGC likely to extend research work submission  period by six months

The thing is that with our curriculum, where everything is already delivered to the students through books, no matter how low the quality of the book is, students never get the chance to ask themselves what are the gaps in the system or what are the gaps in the field that they’re interested in. With the help of research work they can come up with something that can benefit society. This research does not necessarily mean to be inside the lab, it can be a primary, or a secondary research based on the field or topic that they are interested in.

This research can be the part of the annual examination so in this way the weight of the exams will be divided, and students can prepare a lot for the annual examination through the research works. Plus, they will also have potential research that they can put up on their resumes by the time they are graduating, and this can open a vast number of opportunities for them.

Dignity of the People Involved in Educational Process

True Dignity of Others is not a Behaviour It is a Belief

It is important that all the people involved in the educational process should be treated with proper respect no matter if they are the professors, students or any other member of the facility that is even involved slightly in the educational process, be it the cleaning staff. If that is done properly, people will be more interested in doing their jobs because they know that they have an important task in their hands and if they will not achieve it then the whole learning circle will be disturbed just because of their negligence. For different people this dignity means differently. For instance, professors may like that the principles are talking to them in a proper manner where their offices are well maintained, for students this dignity might be that their campus looks great or washrooms that they are using are clean. Last but not the least, principals of the school are actually being heard by the upper committee as a person who is of utmost importance and his suggestions are actually being funded and aided properly for that particular school.

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