5 Top Platforms to Learn Digital Marketing From

Everywhere you go, you will find marketing being done in various ways, one of the most common ways of marketing in the recent past has been digital marketing. The reason is that people have started spending loads of their time on smart devices and for this reason brands have realized that they need to have a presence digitally in front of their targeted audience. As a marketer in 2022, you need to have knowledge about the whereabouts of digital marketing. If you are not a tech sort of a person and you are worried about how to go about digital marketing well this blog is just for you. So, stick around till the end to know where to start and how to start in this great field of digital marketing.


Foster Learning Pakistan has been providing a variety of courses digitally and amongst these courses, there are also digital marketing, along with multiple other courses available that will teach you thoroughly about what elements you should take care of while trying to present a brand digitally or even when you want to portray yourself as a brand. It covers topics like SEO, SEM backlinking etc.

You are not just limited to knowledge of digital marketing, but you also gain knowledge of the tools that you can use for digital marketing and start your brand/ freelancing. All these elements are covered in these courses presented by Foster Learning. Foster makes sure that the quality of the course is equivalent or higher than the competitors while the pricing is said to be relatively cheaper.

2. Google Digital Garage

Do you know that during learning one of the most important aspects is choosing whom you are studying from? When it comes to learning about being digital, who can be better than Google itself? In Google digital garage there are various topics that are being covered about digital marketing and that too from the scratch. The best thing is that this course is free and yet it has a major reputation in the field of marketing. So even if you’re looking for a job in the marketing field this course can help you a lot in making you stand out amongst the competitors.

3. Extreme Commerce

Extreme Commerce has come up with various opportunities for the students that want to earn online. Amongst these options, there are quite some courses on digital marketing where you can learn different aspects of digital marketing that may suit your personality. There are elements like influencer marketing, analytics, email marketing, and many more. Different field experts have been taken on board to make sure that they guide the student in the right way.

4. Coursera

Coursera has been famous as it was one of the pioneers when it came the digital courses, it is not just limited to certain fields but in fact, there are multiple courses available from multiple fields on Coursera. Another thing is that there are multiple courses on Coursera that are either free or paid so you must select from them according to the personality that you have. You can even find courses from prestigious universities like Harvard, Oxford, London School of Economics. These courses offered by universities might be expensive, but one thing is for sure, the names attached to them are quite big, and not just that these courses are also being taught by the professionals of these prestigious universities.

5. edX

edX is another platform where you can learn a lot when it comes to digital marketing and there are quite some options available even in digital marketing courses which are available for free. You can opt for these courses to make sure that you get the know-how of digital words in terms of marketing. The courses may include topics such as entrepreneurship in which they will teach you from the case studies of MIT and how different students of MIT have been coping up in this world of entrepreneurship and how you can do the same.

There are multiple platforms available out there and unlimited resources in todays’ world. The idea is to get hands on skills and become market competitive to match the fast growing skills demand in the 21st century job market. To get more information and subscribe to online skills based courses in A to Z domains especially in your own language, subscribe to Foster Learning Pakistan today and check out the list of courses being offered or feel free to join our Foster Community.

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