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I think 15 minutes were to start my class. I was busy in chit chat with my class fellows. Suddenly, a lady came there, I didn’t exactly know what she said, but we understand it that she wanted to inform us about something. She gave us pamphlets with smiling eyes.


And started telling us about a course. About all the modules to be covered in two months. And what it was to be. She said they would teach you without using books, it would be practical work like outdoor projects and etc. She addressed us in very good way. She was very energetic and elegant. Her speaking style was very much inspired by her. And that lady was Hira.

Mam Hira and Sir Hannan

On the spot, I decided to join this program. I was very fond of to get such type of short period courses, to attend seminar. Because I was accustomed of the idea that everything provides you some gain. Then we confirmed that either there would be clash of timing or not. I thought if there is an opportunity during studies without any clash, then we should avail it.

After it I came back from university, first of all I Google their website and start looking for dead line for applying and how to apply. And it was 2nd last day. I filled the form. Next day I told about its last day to my fellow, majority didn’t take it seriously. But only two of my friends, I asked them to apply. I applied for my friend because lacking of net problem. And 2nd friend has no idea about it I said her at least she should apply for it. Somehow, she also applied.

She is my good friend so, I wanted her to join this course. That’s why I was trying to convince her. I told her about this during whole travel of about 1:30 hours. But at the end she said to me Marryam what is the reason behind that you want and trying to convince me, forcing me, Her such reply for me was very painful and shocked. She was my friend that’s why I just wanted. Perhaps, I never ever forced or convinced anyone else. Then, I left her on her behalf. But still I said her two or three times again.

Well, after few days, I got a message and mail that you are short listed and time and place for interview was mentioned. Then I came at the time and went to admin block for interview. And start asking others. They didn’t know about any interview.

Then I remembered that there was also mentioned phone number. Usually, such number is busy or they don’t receive calls.

But when I dialed number they received my call at first ring and guided me about office very polity.

There was much crowed in front of office. I was afraid and tensed and confused. How would be her behavior, mood. However, I was standing there and thinking about interview and interviewer. Girls were there making too much noise. Meanwhile, a gentle man came out from the office I was standing at the end. Girls were saying sir we are getting late. We are here till morning. Please, do hurry up!

And then I was surprised from his reply. He replied very softly,

I am very sorry! If anyone from you has to attend class, they should go and can give me interview after class. I am her till 4’o’clock. You can come here after getting free and I’ll go back after taking interviews. ”

He was cool. After listening him, I said to my friend he is a interviewer in a jolly mood, I must give interview. And my fear was released.

After interview, we didn’t know his name but I saw her signature, which was M.S Khan. And we started call her M.S Kan. Then I saved her number as M.S Khan. hahaha!

Then, I went to attend my first session with my sister, the (best class ever). When I saw him there I suddenly told my sister that baji he is M.S Khan. In class we came to know her name was Sannan khan (Team Lead-Foster )

Mam Hira and Sir Sanna

Our first session was just amazing, he introduced us many things. One of them was that ‘problems’ comes in our life without our wish. We don’t have any control on it. But what we can do is to ‘solve our problems’. And solving problem is one of the qualities of leadership. We should focus on problem solving. And learn many more. We also did an activity at the end of session. I didn’t attend such class. They also gave us a copy and ball point. Very motivated line was written on it “I can and I will.”

When I started this semester I decided that I have to do something except regular study. I didn’t know what had to do? But must had to.

If a man thinks to do some that will must be happened in one way or other.

And, when you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” (Alchemist)

I never thought that I got such a marvelous platform.

If we want to go, ALLAH helps us a lot and clear all the ways. This happened with all of us many times. But we don’t notice. Have you notice anytime?

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