Women’s Day

Women’s Day is the most important day for many women to unite with every women. It is crucial for many women to attend a Women March to claim their requests for the rights that are not being fulfiled till now. Women day purpose is to celebrate Women and bring in happiness for the women who contributed so much to the societies. It is a much needed acknowledge for the amazing women who have to face so many hardships from the society people and still achieve success in their various professions.  Women day is attended a vast majority of citizens who come and support every women.


Demand and requests for Implementation 

This involves stricter punishments for the perpetrators who cause damage to the women such as sexual assault, household abuse, mistreatment by their husbands, brothers. Moreover, the women working in home are being badly treated and not allowed to perform many tasks. The women also demand for equality in education where they could receive education. As we are aware that a few portion of women in Pakistan get education and there is a discrimination where parents don’t let their daughters go to school to get education. The women rights organization demands that these rights are fulfiled where girls get access to education the same way as men are getting. The women also demand for equality in all sorts of jobs. This involves increased jobs provided to women without any discrimination in the salary of women. Women demand equal payments as men as it is their fundamental right to achieve so. Women these are demanding for capital punishment which is basically “Hang to Death” to all the people accused in sexual assault or rape cases. 

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To conclude, we must appreciate Women Day and support women in every cause. We must hear the voices of those women who have been abused and being mistreated a lot by men. Everyone should unite and demand for their rights by protesting on women day. It is our fundamental duty to ensure that the women are being appreciated, treated fairly and given the justice that they need. We can transform change by supporting our women and being nice to each other.

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