Northern Trip

Believe me when I say that Pakistan is lucky, that generation of 21st century was not the one to name these mountains of north, otherwise the name would have been something like “Mount Oreo” or even “Mount Chocolate Chip.” The thing is, I will not blame them because the way these mountain ranges of the north look, they make you recall your favorite things, people and moments in your life. The moments of peace you experience there are unforgettable because no matter what you do there, you can not disturb the silence that resides there.

northeran areas foster trip

Amongst the large number of questions that appear in your mind when you enter north of Pakistan, a very common question is, who was the one, to place such a piece of art at this height. You must be thinking why am I saying this? Well firstly, getting up there is no easy task my friend because the twists and turns up there will make you realize that your daily city life is nothing but a demo and once you are up you will get to know just like I did that even at such height, life is going on at its fullest.

northern areas school foster trip

Remember how our parents or grandparents tell us that we used to walk miles and walk through 100 miles/hour wind to reach school (like we don’t know they are exaggerating). Well the students of the northern region of Pakistan are dope enough to live this imagined story of our grandparents as their daily life (not that wind actually runs at 100 miles/hour there). Education rate amongst the people living in Hunza is up to 99% which is actually amazing. People there are bilingual with knowledge of languages such as Urdu, Pashtun, English and even certain other local languages. The best part is, no matter what language you speak to them, their proficiency on history, technology, business, current matters, problems that they are trying to solve, I mean you just name it and they will be teaching you with some good pieces of information.

northern areas foster trip

Want to make history? Or want to learn about some mind blowing facts about history? North of Pakistan is like a complete package even when you talk about this matter. Forts such as Altit and Baltit will blow your mind that how people in the past used different problem solving techniques to make sure that their lands remain in the safe hands.

northern area foster trip

During our trip, almost half of us didn’t know how to swim and yet everyone was in the water with their jet ski under their hands to make sure that we take most of this experience back home. Yeah one thing more when it comes to making road trip jokes, well for us that was “under the great leadership of tour operator Hafiz Farjad Ahmad.” I won’t explain it because some stories are not meant to be explained.

northern area foster trip

Talking about the life experience, well it is for sure that you are going to have some craziest moments of your life, the journey to these regions, the twists and turns, the jokes that will be made during the way and stay with you for the rest of your lives. All of these will make this journey worth your while. So, while arranging the trip make sure that in your company, there are some Faisalabadis, some entrepreneurs, foreigner/s, family, your childhood friend/s, rich lads with iPhone/DSLRs and a driver that has stamina to bear all this and yet drive through the mountains of north. Luckily for us Tasleem Haider was our driver from Royal Tour and the way he managed the distance and our puns from the trip it was absolutely his stamina that managed to get us to Raka Poshi, Khunjrab, Chillas, Hunza and Aptabad.

northern area foster trip

And here is one to our Foster Adventure Family that not just made this trip happen in fact made it one of the most amazing trips we all will cherish for the rest of our lives.

Northern Trip

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